How to clean your air conditioning unit

With the right products, cleaning your home or office ac unit is quick and easy. Remember to pay attention to the following areas.

Cleaning the filters

Clean any filters on your indoor unit regularly, and clear any dirt or debris to stop them becoming clogged -which can make the ac unit unhygienic and inefficient. A vacuum cleaner hose often works well.

Check your user manual to see whether and how often these filters need to be cleaned or replaced.

Cleaning the heat exchangers - indoor and outdoor

IMPORTANT: The fins and tubes of your unit's heat exchangers (both indoor and outdoor) are very delicate and must NOT be brushed, scrubbed, or pressure washed.

To avoid damage, use AC-OK® Coil Cleaner . It's a specially designed spray which cleans air conditioning coils without causing damage - and has a powerful cleaning action that will gently lift the dirt, leaving the heat exchanger clean.

If your air conditioner has an outdoor section, you can improve performance by making sure it isn't blocked by bushes, grass or vegetation. Keeping them well trimmed will improve the airflow and cut down on loose debris being sucked in to the unit.

AC-OK<sup>®</sup> Clean the filters Clean the heat exchange

Cleaning the condensate (water) tray

The condensate tray of an indoor air conditoning unit can quickly become dirty and clogged - and will eventually start to SMELL. This could lead to the tray becoming full and overflowing - damaging furnishings and wall coverings.

AC-OK® Treatment Tablets prevent this from happening. One tablet will keep the tray clean and clear of mould and associated smells for up to a month: protection for your AC and peace of mind for you.

AC-OK® Treatment Tablets should be used in conjunction with AC-OK® Coil Cleaner for best results.

AC-OK&#8482; Protect the condensate tray