Mouldy and smelly

Smelly air conditioning

If your aircon unit spreads a bad smell, the most likely cause is bacteria and mould growing in the heat exchanger and condensate (water) tray. The water tray is a warm, damp place when the AC unit is not providing cooling. Moulds can grow quickly if dirt is allowed to build up.

Although the smell is often very unpleasant, it isn't the only problem. As the unit circulates air around the room, bacteria and mould can go with it, causing health problems.

In extreme cases, mould and slime from the water tray can block the condensate drain, causing dirty, smelly water to overflow from the unit - possibly damaging furnishings and electrical equipment.

AC-OK® Treatment Tablets are a quick and easy way to keep your condensate tray clear of smells and mould for a month at a time.

not cooling - clean it

Loss of aircon cooling

Dirt can act like a blanket which stops your air conditioner cooling the air. This means the unit has to work harder - costing you more money to run, and not cooling your home or office very well.

To avoid this problem, be sure to clean your heat exchangers - the fins and tubes the unit uses to swap hot air for cold air (inside) and cold air for hot air (outside). AC-OK® Coil Cleaner is designed to make this simple.

Your air conditoining unit has filters fitted to stop dirt reaching the coil. If allowed to get clogged, the dirty filter will make the unit less efficient and actually add to the dirt released into the air - so clean them regularly!